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Medical Billing Services

Quick,cost efficient,fail safe solution for your practice, no matter the size  

   Genwell Medical manages your entire revenue cycle: from coding, charge entry, and patient and insurance billing, to collecting, depositing, and posting payments. Our expertise lies in practice management and optimizing reimbursement for the services you provide, and our 10+ years of experience enables us to quickly recognize the unique aspects of your practice. 

Medical Billing Services

Experienced billing service professionals who have received advanced training and education.
Independent oversight of billing activities.
Continuous follow-up; consistent cash flow.
Eliminate payroll, benefits, sick time, and turnover of your billing staff.
Constant evaluation accompanied by advanced reporting on the progress of your receivables.
No need to purchase and maintain computer hardware, software, or annual support services.
Cut out the paper: statements, envelopes, postage, claim forms, etc.

        For your practice needs...

- Recover valuable staff time
- Consistent service and cash flow
- Increase your revenue

- Reduce rejected insurance claims
- Get your money faster